Baldvin Z

Creator / Director / Co-Founder

Award winning Baldvin Z has been one of the most prominent directors in Iceland for the past 6 years. Delivering two feature films (writer and director) and two television series (director) with over 40 film awards, both international as well as 18 Edda awards (the Icelandic Film and Television Academy Awards). Furthermore he has recently finished directing Island Songs for Universal Studios and Beyond Strength, an independent



Creator / Writer / Co-Founder

Andri Ottarsson is new in the industry. In the last two years he has created, developed and written the award winning TV series “Case” and has furthermore been retained by both local and international production companies to create, develop and write two other TV series. Both projects are currently in pre-production. He’s currently working on a new television series for Glass River. Previously he worked as a police officer, criminal attorney and Secretary General for the largest political party in Iceland.


Hordur Runarsson

CEO / Producer / Co-Founder

Hörður Rúnarsson has a Master’s degree in business administration and is vastly experienced in international marketing and sales. He has worked in international business
consulting for global organizations and has held a director position in successful international companies such as Blue Lagoon Iceland and Ossur.


ArnbjOrg (ABBY) HafliDadOttiR

Producer / Co-Founder

Abby has over 15 years experience as a Producer for both film and television. She has produced 9 television series, 2 TV movies, as well as feature films, both local and international. Her productions have accumulated dozens of film and television awards, both international as well as Edda Awards (the Icelandic Film and Television Academy Awards).