Glassriver is a Film & tv production company consisting of four individuals that together have a vast experience in developing, writing, directing and producing for the screen as well as business, marketing and law.

Their respective work has accumulated over 50 film awards domestically and internationally.

Most noticeable recent projects we worked on are “Case” a Netflix Original Series (writing, producing, directing all episodes) and “Trapped” series (Directing 3 episodes). With two feature films under his belt (Life In a Fish Bowl, Jitters) as well as the third on its way Baldvin Z. is one of the most exciting and productive directors in the industry.

In the wake of “Case” success, Baldvin Z. (Director), Andri Óttarson (Creater and Writer), Abby Hafliðadóttir (Producer) wanted to continue their efficient, dynamic and highly creative collaboration and started their own company, Glassriver, with Hordur Rúnarsson who has extensive experience in international business consulting, marketing and sales.

Their latest releases include producing and directing “Island Songs” with Universal Studios and “Beyond Strength” an independent documentary. The company is currently developing “The Trip”, an international drama/thriller series for television and “14th Santa”, an animated movie.